Veterinary Parasitology at a Glance


Veterinary Parasitology at a Glance

by S. C. Mandal

Veterinary Parasitology at a Glance

Why ‘Veterinary Parasitology at a glance’ ? Because – there was a long felt need of such a book of Veterinary Parasitology which a student, of any category of merit, can easily understand and can prepare the course without having to dive into the sea of study material in the search of relevant matter. And undoubtedly the book is so. At the same time the book would help the teachers in such a way that they can prepare their lecture just by putting single glance upon the matter immediately before entering the classroom of the undergraduate classes. The beauty of the book is that though the book is concise, it does not miss out any important detail.

The book is intended for undergraduate students. Care has been taken about the matter which is frequently left out during routine lectures delivered to the students. The book has been written as per the course of VCI. The most noticeable thing about this book is that the important matter has been described somewhat in detail, the less important matter has been described in brief and the unimportant matter has been omitted. The student of average capacity will not fall in question what to read and what not to read at the stage of undergraduate level. It has been tried to incorporate those details which are useful and described very meticulously. The diagrams have been placed and focussed in order to make the matter more easy.

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