Problem-Based Feline Medicine


Problem-Based Feline Medicine

Problem-Based Feline Medicineby Jacquie Rand
September 2006

Cats are now one of the most common household pets, and can suffer from a variety of disorders not encountered in other pets. Problem-Based Feline Medicine covers all the medical conditions that could be encountered in the cat. All clinical chapters are written to an identical template, listing the key signs and possible causative factors (graded to indicate how common each is) in an introductory section. this is followed by more detailed sections on diagnosis, differential diagnosis (including tests where appropriate), treatment, prognosis and prevention (where applicable) of each clinical condition.

Organised using a unique problem-based approach, and with useful additional chapters on drugs in cats and how to make a problem-based diagnosis, this book will provide vets with all the information they need to assess the presenting symptoms, reach a differential diagnosis and select the appropriate course of treatment for all their feline patients.

  • Unique problem-based approach discusses how to make a problem-based diagnosis.
  • Concise, logical format makes this resource ideal for quick reference in the clinical setting.
  • Covers every condition likely to be encountered in cats worldwide.
  • Features a strong international contributor list of feline experts from North America, UK, Europe, and Australia
  • A comprehensive drug formulary lists all drug treatments available for cats.
  • A separate chapter on drugs in cats lists the problems veterinarians might encounter due to differences in feline metabolism.

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