Principles of meat science, 5th Edition


Principles of meat science, 5th Edition

by by Elton D. Aberle, John C. Forrest, David E. Gerrard, Edward W. Mills 
June 2012

Principles of meat science, 5th Edition

Principles of Meat Science provides a comprehensive overview that includes the latest discoveries and principles that are necessary to understand the science of meat and the utilization of meat as food.

Principles of Meat Science emphasizes:

  • Principles of postmortem muscle chemistry
  • Meat processing and preservation
  • Sanitation and food safety
  • Meat inspection
  • Meat grading and evaluation
  • Meat cookery
  • Meat distribution through marketing channels
  • Use of meat animal by-products

Principles of Meat Science incorporates:

  • New knowledge of muscle structure and biology
  • Advances in meat processing
  • Packaging and distribution technologies
  • Improvements in sanitation and food safety practices

Principles of Meat Science targets courses whose students have taken appropriate introductory courses including introductory biology, chemistry, and mathematics courses, and also have completed an introductory animal science, food science, or animal industry course.

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