Parasites: Diagnosis, Control and Prevention


Parasites: Diagnosis, Control and Prevention

Parasites: Diagnosis, Control and PreventionPet Owner Educational Atlas / Parasites: Diagnosis, Control and Prevention
by Sergio Villanueva Saz, Asier Basurco Pérez
May 2017

After a first volume on the physiology of parasites, their life cycle and the clinical signs they cause, this new volume focuses on how parasitic diseases can be diagnosed, treated and prevented, with a special emphasis on those aspects on which pet owners can have an influence. In addition to including a classification of parasitic diseases according the organ systems they affect, this new atlas includes a part on parasites in exotic animals and also describes the most important zoonoses transmitted by cats and dogs. This new work goes deeper into the specialty of parasitic diseases in dogs and cats. It also includes a digital version.

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