Microfluidics for Assisted Reproduction in Animals


Microfluidics for Assisted Reproduction in Animals

Microfluidics for Assisted Reproduction in Animalsby Vinod Kumar Yata
March 2021

This book describes the fundamentals of microfluidics and fabrication methods of microfluidic devices that can be adopted for animal-assisted reproduction. It presents microfluidic methods for sorting highly fertile spermatozoa. This book also describes the application of microfluidics in vitro fertilization and embryo culture. It discusses the use of microfluidics in sperm sexing and the cryopreservation of animal gametes and embryos. Lastly, the book examines the potential opportunities of microfluidics in infertility diagnosis, sperm selection and guidance, oocyte selection, insemination, and embryo monitoring.

  • Summarizes role of microfluidics in animal assisted reproduction
  • Discusses principles, materials, and fabrication methods of microfluidics
  • Examines applications of microfluidics for optimization of sperm sample preparation and analysis
  • Reviews the use of microfluidics in cryopreservation of gametes and embryos

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