Innovative Strategies for Vector Control


Innovative Strategies for Vector Control

Innovative Strategies for Vector Controlby Constantianus J.M. Koenraadt, Jeroen Spitzen, Willem Takken
March 2021

Current tools for vector control are insufficient to curb vector-borne disease transmission. Recent outbreaks of ‘new’ vector-borne diseases, such as Zika and chikungunya, and the ongoing fight against malaria underscore this. Scientists and public health authorities collaborate on a continued search for innovative strategies to address this challenge. To guide the integration of currently available and new tools in vector control programs, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed the Global Vector Control Response (GVCR).This initiative was unanimously endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 2017.

This 6th volume of the Ecology and Control of Vector-borne Diseases series reflects on the progress of GVCR by reviewing: (1) innovative strategies for vector control that are in the pipeline; (2) the role of integrated vector management (IVM) in these strategies; and (3) inclusion of social aspects of IVM, such as community engagement, in effective control programs. The introduction and concluding chapters of the book have been written in collaboration with WHO.

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