Color Atlas of Equine Pathology


Color Atlas of Equine Pathology

Color Atlas of Equine Pathology

by Claus D. Buergelt, Fabio Del Piero
October 2013

Color Atlas of Equine Pathology offers a practical guide to identifying equine diseases, presenting a single resource with more than 1000 images showing predominantly gross pathology. Organized by body systems, the book allows for picture matching during or after an equine necropsy. In this user-friendly atlas, each chapter takes a common format, presenting the disease process as well as congenital, degenerative, inflammatory, and neoplastic sequences, with text boxes offering quick reference to key information.

The book begins with an introductory chapter summarizing the principles of the equine field necropsy, and subsequent organ-based chapters depict gross features of disease, focusing on macroscopic digital images supplemented by histology and immunohistochemistry when necessary. Some clinical information for correlation with pathology is included. Color Atlas of Equine Pathology is an essential resource for diagnostic veterinary pathologists and pathology residents, as well as for equine practitioners performing necropsies in the field.

  • Presents more than 1,000 high-quality color images showing primarily gross pathology and significant histopathology and indirect immunohistochemistry
  • Aids identification of equine disease, with a user-friendly format to show the correlations between clinical signs and gross and microscopic lesions
  • Provides a comparison guide for clinical presentations during or after an equine necropsy
  • Offers a synopsis of the principles of the equine field necropsy
  • Covers diseases found in the neonate, juvenile, and adult horse
  • Focuses on diseases usually found in North America

PDF  243 MB

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