Atlas of Terrestrial Mammal Limbs


Atlas of Terrestrial Mammal Limbs

Atlas of Terrestrial Mammal Limbs

by Christine Böhmer, Jean-Christophe Theil, Anne-Claire Fabre, Anthony Herrel
April 2020

Atlas of Terrestrial Mammal Limbs is the first comprehensive and detailed anatomy book on a broad phylogenetic and ecological range of mammals. This extraordinary new work features more than 400 photographs and illustrations visualizing the limb musculature of 28 different species. Standardized views of the dissected bodies and concise text descriptions make it easy to compare the anatomy across different taxa. It provides tables of nomenclature and comparative muscle maps (schematic drawings on the origins and insertions of the muscles onto bones) in a diversity of animals. Atlas of Terrestrial Mammal Limbs is a reliable reference and an indispensable volume for all students and professional researchers in biology, paleontology, and veterinary medicine.

Key Features:

  • Provides an overview of the anatomy of the mammalian limb
  • Includes osteological correlates of the limb muscles
  • Illustrates anatomy in 2D
  • Guides dissection
  • Documents anatomical diversity in mammalian limbs

PDF   76.6 MB

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