Animal Behavior, 11th Edition


Animal Behavior, 11th Edition

by Dustin R. Rubenstein, John Alcock 
June 2018

Animal Behavior, 11th Edition

Rubenstein & Alcock’s Animal Behavior 11th edition (PDF) is an updated, integrative and comparative overview of how and why animals as diverse as humans and insects behave the way that they do, linking behaviors to the genes, brain, and hormones, as well as to the surrounding social and ecological environments.


“The latest 11th edition on Animal Behavior An Evolutionary Approach has great improvements. 1. It adopts an integrative approach to behavior, which is the right move and should be highly saluted. 2. The new boxes with an exploration of research, either for discussion, exploration, or thinking further are a very good addition to better thinking about science. 3. The addition of QR codes that allow for rapid access to a video of the behavior of an animal being described, or the sound produced is really a very great idea, that brings the manual into a completely new dimension. It is certainly a must-have! The best manual now became even better.”

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