A Clinicians Guide to Myofascial Pain in the Canine Patient


A Clinicians Guide to Myofascial Pain in the Canine Patient

A Clinicians Guide to Myofascial Pain in the Canine Patientby Michele Broadhurst
July 2020

This manual is an essential resource for anyone who is interested in treating pain in their respective practices. For the veterinarian who spent only a few weeks in college learning about the musculoskeletal system and wants to understand it better and treat their patients more effectively, for the veterinary dentist, who is struggling to help patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or the physical therapist who feels like massage isn’t quite cutting it, or for the chiropractor who can’t understand why their adjustment isn’t holding and the patient is still suffering. No one has time in their busy offices to lug out an enormous textbook and start paging through it for 15 minutes while their patient and client sit waiting. This has been designed as a quick reference text for those practitioners that have a patient presenting with a myofascial pain syndrome and need to quickly recap what muscles can be causing it, where those trigger points are, how to treat it and what to do post treatment. The author has more than 16 years of practical hands on experience and has worked on thousands of patients.

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